Friday, January 06, 2006

Further Seems Forever: 1999-2006 has the news. It's sad to see yet another great band in the post-hardcore vein break up. Recent others include Bear vs. Shark, Q and Not U, Pedro the Lion and Troubled Hubble. This is another bummer in a series of bummer band break-ups.

Further Seems Forever may always be thought of as the band that Chris Carrabba left to do Dashboard Confessional full-time, but they did great stuff after Carrabba left. 2004's Hide Nothing was a short, but memorable record with their third lead vocalist (and former Sense Field frontman) Jon Bunch. I was fortunate to see the Hide Nothing line-up twice in 2004 and was very impressed by both shows.

This news doesn't come as a shock since the band announced they were on hiatus a few months ago. Hearing about the end of the band makes me want to dig out some of their older material before they signed with Tooth & Nail. They had a fantastic track on Deep Elm's Emo Diaries along with a handful of great songs on a split EP with Red Stars Theory. Maybe some of those songs will appear on a collection someday. They're very worthy.

Not all hope is lost with the force behind post-hardcore. "There's a light up ahead," Bunch sang on the title track and I stand behind this statement.

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Eric said...

I thought their best album was easily How To Start A Fire. Their last one featuringt the singer from Sensefield (I think) was a disappointment to me considering how much I liked their previous album and Sensefield's stuff on Revelation. This is what eventually happens to all bands isn't it?