Thursday, January 12, 2006


As much as I am a fan of Lost, I was skeptical about owning its first season on DVD. Why? Owning seasons of TV shows on DVD are not the same as owning films on DVD. Of course that's a big "duh!", but in the case of a show like Lost, owning the first season on DVD is crucial in understanding the arc of the series so far.

There is an obscene amount of TV shows on DVD these days. From popular favorites to cult classics to shows that only lasted half a season, it's hard to find a show that's not on DVD. However, the big question about owning entire seasons on DVD: will you really watch these episodes over and over again?

In the case of Lost:Season 1, seeing the development of the characters and the island's mysteries are worth watching over and over again. There are so many things that are laid out in every episode that it's easy to get confused. For the ones paying close attention, there are plenty of payoffs abound because you often pick up on something new.

However, a big point of speculation is how long can Lost keep its momentum up over the next few years. If the show does go south in a lot of aspects, people may be very ticked off. In the case of the people that collect each season on DVD, a pickle may appear.

Case in point, Six Feet Under. Its first two seasons are incredible, however I couldn't fully get behind the show in the third season. Having the main protagonist slowly become an antagonist along with other characters turning towards unsympathetic lights made me lose interest. Also, slap a $79-89 pricetag on every DVD volume and you have a partial fan with a partial Six Feet Under library.

Maybe it's the completist in me, but if I really like a certain band, filmmaker or TV show, I want to have everything that is commercially available within reason. I'm so hooked on Lost that I want to see this show onto its end. Wherever the show goes in its third season and beyond, I can take heart in knowing that at least two seasons were super solid and worth owning on DVD.

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