Thursday, February 16, 2006


Last night we played The Cavern once again. Unlike last time, I didn't have a 3:30 am wake-up call, so I got to stay and watch the other bands play. Blackheart Society was pretty together and played a trippy new song (with an improvised jam). The headliners, Eagle*Seagull, were an absolute delight. Here are some attempts to explain what I saw and why you might like these guys.

First, the set-up: two guitars, bass, violin, keyboards and drums. Overall vibe: somber, but very big, tuneful and catchy. After a few songs, I couldn't help but think of this comparison: The Arcade Fire intersecting The Good Life with a certain amount of caffeine. While I'm not about to slap a "If you love The Arcade Fire and The Good Life, then you'll love these guys" sticker on their CD, I don't think these comparisons are that far off. It's not like calling The Dismemberment Plan "Beastie Boys meets Radiohead."

An issue I have with a number of underground/unsigned/indie bands is that for every great band, there are about twenty other mediocre bands. A lot of times the comparisons to other well-known/established bands raises the expectation levels incredibly high. In the case of Eagle*Seagull, I really like what I've heard so far and I'm curious as to what they'll do next. I won't make any grand declarations about them; I'll just sit back and enjoy their self-titled record on Paper Garden Records.

Listen to tracks via their official site and their MySpace page. Let me know what you think of these guys.

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Carlin said...

Glad you could play & that you enjoyed E*S. It was a good lineup!