Sunday, September 24, 2006

What is this?

I don't know how they found this clip, but Jason and Merritt have it on their respective blogs. Where exactly is this clip from? Moreover, what the hell is going on in this clip? Here's what I can tell you in brief: it's a little man/child who dances as his family watches. The spoken language sounds Spanish, but it could be something else. Why am I some interested in this? Well, instead of dismissing this as some silly, random YouTube clip, I think about what it could possibly be. Moreover, how does somebody find a clip like this?

With Twin Peaks still fresh in my mind and the first thirty-five minutes of Blue Velvet very fresh in my mind, I think this clip is akin to David Lynch's work. Maybe because of the dream-like quality, I think of the Black Lodge sequences on Twin Peaks. You know, those backward-sounding conversations where you don't know if it's a dream or reality? That's what I thought as I tried to understand its bizarro nature (especially the shared smoke at the end).

The debate is whether the dancing person is a child or a dwarf. His voice sounds full of Helium and his dancing moves are very fluid. Plus, what's the deal with the Spanish(?) version of Madonna's "Holiday" as the dance music?

Wherever the clip is from, I wonder how somebody could find a clip like this. As someone who looks at YouTube on a daily basis for live clips and music videos, the weirdest stuff I find usually consists of fan-made clips. I'm talking video of some teenager playing the opening riff to Killswitch Engage's "This Fire Burns" in his bedroom or a montage of photographs as a new Wilco song plays. It's not everyday that people type "Spanish clip of little man dancing" into a search engine. I could be wrong though.

The bigger question is why do we watch this kind of stuff? I think the reason why is that there is no real reason why. There is something so odd, but funny and creepy, all at the same time. It's like a puzzle that can't be solved. Still though, I wonder how people find stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

You don't seriously think that the spoken language on that clip is Spainsh, do you?

I can tell you that it's not.

fuzzbuzz said...

It's Indian! Or most likely- Midget Indian. MIDGIAN!