Thursday, January 11, 2007

How It Feels to Be Something . . . Off

Overall, I've really enjoyed Apple's upgrades with iTunes 7.0. That gapless playback option makes live records/bootlegs enjoyable to listen to. However, the latest snag comes from something I've found to be really funny: totally different artwork sometimes comes up when you select a track to listen to.

For example, after ripping four tracks from Weezer's debut album, The Blue Album, the artwork that pops up is from the band's third album, The Green Album. Both records are listed as self-titled, so it makes sense for the mix-up. But here's what makes things odder: after ripping the title track from Sunny Day Real Estate's How It Feels to Be Something On, the artwork from the band's Live record comes up. Pure catalog mix-up, right?

Well, here's an even stranger thing: after I ripped a couple of tracks from Neil Young's Greatest Hits, the artwork for Blondie's Greatest Hits came up. I gotta wonder: how do things like this get mixed-up? This isn't a common occurrence, but I've noticed this in the last few weeks.

Checking into the iTunes Music Store, I've found Sunny Day's How It Feels record to be conspicuously absent as all of their other records are available. Maybe that's why the artwork doesn't come up. But come on, a Blondie sleeve on a Neil Young album? What gives folks? Has anyone else seen this problem in their iTunes?


Zine-O-Phonic said...

Led Zepellin II comes up with Dread Zepellin's artwork.

Anonymous said...

interesting. i'll have to pay a little more attention. i don't think i've seen a problem so far but i'll let you know if something different comes up for me.