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I joked on another blog about blogging everyday, even on holidays. The deal is, I'm amazed at how certain blogs are updated every single day of the year. Even more, people like David at Largehearted Boy and Frank at Chrome Waves have their daily updates online by 9am. So I have a few questions: How do people go about this? Do they always have a computer with Internet access at their disposal 24/7? How much time do they spend blogging?

Blogging is important for me to do, but I can't do it everyday. I tried blogging every single day last year and I stretched myself too thin. Looking into the new year, I think I might cut back on blogging so I can finish my book. I live a rather solitary life, but I can't spend it all in front of a computer.

The deal is, a number of these bloggers don't have solitary lives. Some are married (with or without children), some are in committed relationships, a lot of them frequently travel around the country (or the world) and most of them have jobs to go to. In other words, these people don't fit the stereotype of lost, lonely, unemployed geeks with tons of free time.

No matter what, there are lots of other factors in daily life that can sway a daily blogging routine. I'm talking doctor's appointments, meetings, catching flights and taking kids to school. In the case of holidays, Christmas morning is incredibly busy with gift-giving, cooking and/or travelling. For me, I've been fortunate to have a flexible schedule that enables me to spend a couple of hours a day blogging. I'm not sure I'll always have a couple of hours to blog, so I want to make the most of what I have now.

I'm not the fastest with HTML, so I can't fully understand how a post filled with hyperlinks can arrive online every morning. My posts generally take a while to write and edit. I usually write from scratch every weekday morning and go from there. Maybe a lot of these bloggers prepare their posts the day/night before and post them the following morning. So I ask you, the reader: have you ever wondered this? I ask you the blogger: what's your method (if you don't mind sharing)?


I myself have thought the same thing many times before. I mean it takes me over an hour and a half to do one post from start to finish & that alone is draining! There are some blogs such as Aquarium Drunkard & I Am Fuel You Are Friends who really put some thought into their writing and they post almost everyday! I'm hoping to make it at least 3 times a week this year.
Eric said…
Dudes. Seriously. I think the exact same thing almost every day. I try to post as much as possible, but with more frequent posts, I think that the quality of the writing (for me at least) goes down the tubes.

Agreed that Chromewaves, Drunkard, I am Fuel, etc... all post virtually everyday and I sometimes cant understand where they find the time. Between a full time job, full time fatherhood, a commute, and school, it is a miracle that I even post once a week.

Grubbs, you speak what the people think.
Rj said…
well there is no reason I can't post everyday. I work at a computer all day, so it's not like I don't have access. I'm more interested in making my content better, instead of posting whatever.
Random Kath said…
I am in awe of those who can post regularly . . . I can barely do twice a week, much to my inner shame. Yes, I fall into the "married, have a job, do other stuff in my life" category - but I have also read in all sorts of places that if you are serious about writing, you need to carve out time to write every. single. day. And I am SO not there yet, and I SO do not have that level of committment to want to improve . . . but I am working on it, even if I don't come close to the standard. The people who post every day give me a tangible goal to shoot for . . .