Me, Myself and I

I have no idea what makes a random YouTube clip go viral. Most of the time, if it's something so funny, bizarre and/or awkward, you have to share it with friends immediately. Those friends find something of value and pass it along and so on. The passing becomes so fast that right when you want to show it to some friends, they've all seen it. So I was surprised to see this clip (found on Defamer via Junkiness) be passed over yesterday. It's a promotional video from 1988 centered around actor Corey Haim called "Me, Myself and I." If you have nine minutes and thirty seconds to spare and want to feel better about your life, check this one out.


Anonymous said…
japenese funk?
i cant believe i actually watched this clip. talk about EGO.
i definitely do feel better about my life now. even though my head feels like it's about to pop and i cant stop sneezing or blowing my nose.
thanks made my day. =P