Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Place for Friends (. . . And Cam-Whores)

Over on Keith's blog, he has a post on a recent checking of his MySpace account: lots of Friend Requests from "cam-whores." If you're on MySpace, chances are very good you've received a Friend Request from these people. More often than not, they're fake spam profiles featuring some young female jailbait wanting to "meet new people." I am not bombarded by these on a daily basis, but I get a few every week. The delete button is always hit with these requests and the volume of requests has yet to be a problem.

But I wonder when I see a number of single female friends of mine who have their profiles marked as "Private" (meaning it's not viewable to people other than the ones on their Friends pages). Furthermore, I have yet to encounter a male's page listed as "Private." Are single women just overloaded with requests from male cam-whores and their ilk? Is the quantity so large that women have to go into hiding?

Technically, I'm a prime target for cam-whores. Listed as "Single" and "Straight" (what I really am in real life), lonely females/spammers probably prey on this the most. Even if the profile is real, I have no interest in getting to know an aspiring porn star via a site like MySpace. I don't troll around the site looking for females to date. As a matter of fact, I've never thought of it as a site like or I use it as a source of networking/keeping in touch with actual friends of mine. In other words, I'm not one to drive a Single White Female I've never met in person crazy with flimsy flirting on MySpace or anywhere else.

So I'm curious with my readers who have MySpace profiles, have you seen this too? Is the number of lonely/horny males way more than the lonely/horny females? Or are there totally different reasons? I've heard of people listing themselves as 'Private' so their employer or parents don't see the page, but I'm not sure that's the most frequent reason.


Zine-O-Phonic said...

I'm a total dork, and I have have two profiles. One for people I know from Illinois, and one for people in Texas and everywhere else.

My Illinois profile is set as private, because I'll post more private info there. The Texas one I can talk with folks here about anything. I can also post bulletins about my blog, and other random crap. Oh, and I add bands on my non-private account. Bands are really good at burying bulletins.

I used to get a lot of cam-whores, which is part of the reason I switched. Plus I figured having the public/private split was nice.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...maybe i don't get a lot since i'm one of those "private" profiles. i did that on purpose because i don't WANT the crazies to find me. i'd rather use myspace to talk to my old and new friends.

on the very RARE occasion, i'll get a random message but i really haven't had the problem lately.

i think it's gross.