Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, after months of rumors, the big news is now official: the original line-up of Sunny Day Real Estate will stage a fall tour to coincide with reissues of their first two albums, Diary and LP2. Couple that with more rumblings about the recent patching-up between former members of At the Drive-In and the Get Up Kids reuniting and touring (as well as Hot Water Music), and you have some really interesting codas to the bands featured in POST.

Am I happy that some of the bands I featured have reunited? Sure. Am I in a rush to put out an updated version with the band chapters for the Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate, and At the Drive-In? Not really. My book covers roughly the years between 1985 to 2007, even though I made the material as current to when my deadline for edits came (which was mid-2008). You can't wait forever for these things. I had heard about discussions of a Sunny Day reunion, but nothing was set in stone. Again, I couldn't wait forever on these things.

Besides, the whole coverage of the book is of a certain time and place. As I've repeatedly looked at Our Band Could Be Your Life as inspiration, I'm glad that bands like Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr got back together years after the publication of the book. Yet when I want to understand why they're revered in the first place, the beginning of the story is more important than the coda.

I look forward to seeing Sunny Day Real Estate and the Get Up Kids when they come to town later this year, but for me, the impact of these bands has already been set in stone. There was a major time in my life when this stuff was my absolute favorite music, and to be honest and hope I don't sound like I'm "over" this stuff, that time has passed. I'm glad there are more upbeat endings, and once again, I'm glad I didn't print certain quotes from some people I interviewed saying their band(s) would never reunite.

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