Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How Well Do You Know Me?

If you've seen these "How Well Do You Know Me?" quizes, I thought it would be fun to explain some things behind the one that I created for my friends to take. Since one of the greatest difficulties I had in high school and college was overthinking and second-guessing multiple choice tests (or multiple guess, as one professor I had called it), I figured I could explain some of the ideas and answers.

Do I own Grubbs Nissan, the car dealership?
a)Of course, and George Grubbs III is my father!
b)Yes, but I also own Grubbs Infinity.
c)Nope. That's a different Eric Grubbs.
d)Maybe, but in a limited capacity.

Even to this day, people ask me if I own a Nissan dealership in Bedford and if I'm George Grubbs III's son. Well, I can't get you a good deal on a Nissan, and my father's name is Roy James Grubbs III. So the answer is "C." My sister, cousins, and a few friends answered this one correctly.

Which one of the following bands do I NOT like?
a)Ben Folds Five
e)The Dillinger Escape Plan

I have loved Ben Folds Five and Wilco since 1997, Journey since my youth, and the Dillinger Escape Plan since Miss Machine came out. I have never outright hated Creed's music, but I've never loved it. And I've never liked that part in "With Arms Wide Open" that sounds a lot like "Here Comes the Rain Again," nor have I ever liked that guitar fill in every chorus of "Higher."

What's the name of my first book?
a)This Band Could Save Your Life
b)Imperfect from Now On
c)When We Were the Kids
d)Richie Manic Was a Fake

Regular readers of this blog know this answer. "This Band Could Save Your Life" is one of the most-often-used incorrect names for Our Band Could Be Your Life. I have yet to read Perfect from Now On, so I figured it would be funny to use "Imperfect from Now On" as a possible answer. "Richie Manic Was a Fake" is a completely made-up name, but I do like the Manic Street Preachers's music.

Which one of the following radio stations have I NOT reported traffic for?

This one is rather difficult for non-DFWers. KERA is the local NPR station, and I've never done a traffic report for them, yet.

Which one of the following critically-despised movies did I love?
a)Mamma Mia!
b)The Spirit
c)Wild Hogs
d)Big Mama's House

Out of all of these movies, Mamma Mia! is the only one I've seen so far. And yes, I loved it.

Which star from Buckaroo Banzai did I meet in an airport once?
a)Peter Weller
b)John Lithgow
c)Jeff Goldblum
d)Ellen Barkin
e)Christopher Lloyd

I met John Lithgow at a New Orleans airport when I was very young, very into Buckaroo Banzai, and just so happened to be wearing a Buckaroo Banzai T-shirt on this occasion.

I'm working on two new books, what are they about?
a)Star Wars fans and the teddy bear industry
b)European horror flicks and suburban rock bands
c)Sexual escapades and Ben Folds
d)My family and double-bass drumming
e)Bob Dylan's beards and CD-ROMs

The answer is "B." The other ones are book ideas I've never considered doing.

Which band I have not played with?
a)Ashburne Glen
c)The 11:30s
d)Public Abuse
e)Slave One

This one is kind of a trick question. I have played full-time in Public Abuse (my high school band), Commonplace (a band I played in for a few months in college), the 11:30s (the main band I played in, during and after college), and Ashburne Glen (since fall of 2003). I did jam one time with a former member of Slave One. Turned out we had completely different ideas about what emo sounded like and I never saw him again.

Who did I dress up as for Halloween last year?
a)Patrick Bateman
b)Sean from Sean of the Dead
c)Bruce Wayne
d)Jeff Tweedy
e)Ron Burgandy

I rarely dress up for Halloween anymore, but I was required to dress up for a Halloween party last year. I kept it simple and dressed as Simon Pegg's character from Sean of the Dead.

Which one of the following bands did it take me about ten years to like?
b)Captain Beefheart

I've never heard Captain Beefheart's music, so that's not the right answer. Believe it or not, but after finding Zao's Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest to be kinda funny/kinda cool in 1998, I found their music to be incredibly powerful and cathartic in 2008 and beyond.

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