Wednesday, June 10, 2009


During this move down the hall, I realized that the two bookshelves I inherited can now replace my overstuffed DVD rack. What I'm doing with this rack is using it for its original purpose: holding CDs. While I don't want to say any ballpark numbers, I will say that the number of CDs that were on the floor of my old room on Monday was enough to fill almost the entire floor.

When the CDs were mostly put in the big shelf I have, I found myself with a lot of space on my other rack. So I've finally been able to do something I've never done before: unpack boxes (yes, boxes) of CDs that have stored promo CDs I picked up from KTCU, Punk Planet, and various other outlets that never really caught my ear or I never listened to.

Yes, I am padding my collection, but I have a very good reason to do this. If I let my collection stand before all the "padding," the rack would tumble over because of a lack of weight. Plus, I'll get a chance to give a good second rope-around to stuff I have not heard in years, or ever in my life.

From the way things look, I might be going in the ways of people I know that have devoted entire rooms to a record collection. From a full basement to an entire wing of a house, I might end up being that guy.

I don't mean to say this in a bragging kind of way. As a matter of fact, my collection might peter out since the number of CDs I buy and/or received has greatly diminished over the years. I'm not compelled to sell a lot of the stuff since there is some reason or two to hold onto the things. These are documents you know, especially of a certain record label that has gone to great lengths to milk great genres while putting out terrible to mediocre to incredible records in its time.

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