Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The End of July

In no fault to the band Sarge or their song "The End of July," but ever since I heard that song for the first time, something usually crappy happens to me in July. Seven years ago, I was told someone was moving into my apartment when the lease was up. Two years ago, two people I highly value were almost killed in a helicopter crash. One year ago, someone I truly valued died suddenly of a heart attack.

With almost every year, all the really crappy stuff is saved for July and July only, and I can't seem to understand. I don't think I'm a crap magnet; these are just things that come with life. There's the good and the bad, and how you look at them is big key to understanding life.

On one hand with next month, I have jury duty. On the other hand, I have a new housemate moving in. On one hand it will be hotter than blazes, as my mother would say. On the other hand, I might have a new dog to have around the house. On one hand, electricity bills will be higher. On the other hand, BSG will come out on Blu-Ray.

So yes, things might and will happen that will suck, but I don't want to forget the things that are great, rewarding, and fulfilling as well. So, bring on July, and also live every day before and after it.

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Irvine Engineer said...

No one knows you got
a 'summons' and its
voluntary anyway --you're
not a slave of the state.