What a Wonderful World

Something peculiar came over the speakers at the Tom Thumb I regularly shop at a few weeks ago: Joey Ramone's version of "What A Wonderful World." In that moment, I realized that everything is right in this world. Sure there's unpleasantry and unfairness, but to hear Joey's rendition of a song made so iconic by Louis Armstrong, in a place that caters towards anyone and everyone, was great.

What I find interesting is how all of my life, up until college, the music played in grocery stores was easily considered soft rock to easy listening. I still love that music to this day, but I understand when certain people curse the name of Barry Manilow or Engelbert Humperdinck for creating schmaltz for the establishment. That kind of music is the opposite of rock music: loose, care-free, and angry. In other words, music that's perfect for parents shopping for juiceboxes and grandparents looking for Fixodent.

If anything, I would expect Kenny G's redundant version of "What A Wonderful World" (where, like Natalie Cole's version of "Unforgettable," sampled the original song and added new things on top of it) to be played in a grocery store. So hearing Joey's rendition -- which sounds pretty much exactly like if the Ramones did the song -- I just had to smile.

I argue that there are many little things in life that make life incredibly worthwhile in between the few big things. For me, it can be as easy as hearing a punk icon between random interruptions for price checks and Carrie Underwood songs.