Monday, October 25, 2010

Crimson Ghost

Something I'm really looking forward to this Halloween weekend (besides the parties and The Walking Dead series premiere) is carving a jack-o-lantern. I haven't carved one in a couple years, but I'm very much of the attitude to pick things up again.

Our friend Amy has hosted pumpkin carving parties before, but now that she lives in a place where there's no room for a party of that size, we're having it at our house. With those plans in order, I've thought about what I could carve.

The idea didn't hit me until earlier today as I looked online for designs. After numerous Octobers of listening to select tracks from the Misfits' box set, I figured it was time to at least try to do the Crimson Ghost logo. Yes, the design that has become bigger than the band itself, I want to spend my time on Saturday cutting and trimming that into a pumpkin.

In no fault of my mother's, the designs found on our front door step growing up were always the standard design. Triangle eyes and nose along with semi-sharp teeth. As the years passed the faces got more sinister. Then, college and post-college came in and I didn't get to really experience any sort of Halloween for a number of years.

I hesitate to say Halloween is my favorite "holiday," but I've always enjoyed it. I think spending a number of years away from it made me really put an effort into having fun with it. Thankfully, I have for the past six years.

Now to see if the Crimson Ghost will look good and creepy instead of cartoony

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