Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Six years ago, I started blogging about the progress of my first book as well as reposting links of stories I found interesting. Today, I'm writing about my foray into golf.

Yes, golf -- that sport that involves men in ugly pants walking. That one.

Since my housemate Matt enjoys playing the sport (and I hope to get some of my own golf clubs soon), I've received some helpful starting points from a few visits to a local driving range. Though my last two trips resulted in pulled back muscles that hurt for days, I still want to stay on the proverbial course and get better.

I've been on a golf course before, way back when I (along with other Boy Scouts) volunteered to carry score signs at a local golf tournament. But as far as playing the sport, Putt-Putt was my ceiling until a few months ago.

I know there is a stigma to the sport, being something rich white dads with plenty of time to kill and no artistic drive do. For me, there is an exercise element that is a good alternative to my usual running for miles at a time. I'm not replacing running with golf; it's more of something else to do.

I must say I enjoy doing this even more and more every time I go out. There's always room to improve and I'm willing to keep up with it.

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