Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No candy

Not to a Halloween version of Scrooge, but this year, like the last two years, we will not be handing out candy for trick-or-treaters. When I live on another street someday in the near future, I definitely will pass candy out. But for as long as I live at this residence, it's not going to happen.

I hope that I am not bragging here, but I live on a very long street where 70 percent of the houses are worth a lot of money. As in, high six-figures. McMansions, if you like call them that. Where I live with Matt and Diana, along with five other residents, things are very affordable in our various apartment/duplexes. We don't have the kind of money to throw around like our neighbors down the street, including when it comes to shelling out for Halloween candy.

The last time that Jason and I gave out candy (along with our upstairs neighbors), we gave out almost twenty bags of candy in two hours. That is insane. When we gave out candy growing up, we still had plenty left over once all the kids came on by.

People from all sorts of neighborhoods come to our street simply to get Halloween candy. As I've stated many times before, the place turns into a Mardi Gras-like celebration for a few hours. Families park on our end of the street and head east towards the big houses (and hopefully better candy possibilities). And police set up barricades to accommodate the traffic flow.

In prior years, had we not stood out on our patio with candy, our place would have been passed over. This year, we're staying in and letting our neighbors splurge on those who want to come out. The Walking Dead series premiere is later that night and I don't want to miss it. I might work in a screening of Halloween or Trick-R-Treat as well.

But, sorry kids, keep moving past our house. There's plenty of other places to get your candy.

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