Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sunday night, Matt and I stayed up a little later than normal to watch the Mad Men season finale. Matt has seen all of the episodes the show as produced. I, as I've previously mentioned, only started watching the show this season.

I don't have anything against the show's previous three seasons. I really wanted to watch something with Matt where I was the newcomer to the show. The same applies to watching Alias with Diana. I've been the LOST and Fringe geek telling people about various tidbits and story arcs. I like reversing the roles; it helps me understand how to tell somebody about a show beyond the "You just have to watch this from the beginning" excuse.

With what happens in "Tomorrowland," I was expecting some bomb of a cliffhanger. Instead, it was a point of pause. I'm not so sure this is a show that needs to have a character get shot by a mysterious person or a major forward of time in the last few minutes of the episode. No, if there's some desire for "real life" in television, well, there are some shows that go closer to that route.

Yes, the show is great to look at, with its design and look. The acting is fine and the scripts are pretty well done. I plan to watch future seasons. Alas, my desire to actually devote many hours of catching up on a show is lacking for now. Maybe it's the desire to work on two more books and read more books than ever before.

All I can say now, is that I've come a long way from watching Behind the Music and Real World marathons and wondering where the time went.

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