Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary as Hell

There's a movie that came out last weekend, and it's a sequel to a movie that really caught on this time last year. You know what movie I'm talking about if you follow what takes in the most at the box office. The line on its predecessor was that you had to see the movie in the theater. The line also pertains to the sequel.

Since these flicks can scare the crap out of you, there's something fun about experiencing them in a room full of strangers. Well, as much as it can be fun for others, I'm a little aware of how these movies can be foil for ridicule. And when the laughs come, that's pretty disruptive and annoying for me.

I opted out of seeing the first film -- which is set completely in a house -- in the theater and saw it on DVD at home. Not since I saw The Brood had I experienced such difficulty going to sleep that night. Nerves were rattled as I had difficulty distancing myself from what was CGI and what wasn't. I can handle horror movies that are shot on film, use actors, and apply make-up and CGI. Well, the idea of reality is trying to be accomplished here, and quite well I might add.

A few weeks ago, I heard from a couple friends of mine who found the first movie to be utterly hilarious. Add in the tendency movie audiences have where one group of people shriek in horror while another group laughs at them. And also tie in the fact that these movies are the epitome of yelling at the screen, "Don't go in there!" and "Get out of there!"

In similar ways, I have my reasons for why I choose to not go to costumed haunted houses. As much as I have a curiosity to experience, I prefer a comfortable distance. That's why I'm going to opt out and see the final Saw movie instead of rent the other movie when it comes out on DVD.

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