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A year in music*

" We’re not repeating history/Just the parts that sucked ” -Ben Folds, “2020” For every year since 2001, I cobbled together a list of my favorite albums of the year. I’d share it with friends via e-mail. Then those lists morphed into extensive posts on this blog.  This year, I do not have an extensive list of albums, but I do have a near-three-hour Spotify playlist of tunes that caught my ear .  I really loved Hum’s surprise album Inlet , as it sounds like the natural progression from Downward is Heavenward . Dogleg’s Melee shows a young post-hardcore/emo band that has a lot of promise. And an EP from a bus driver in Denton recording under the name It Me shows he should make this one-man project into a fully-formed band.  Why did I opt out of exploring entire albums en masse in 2020? Well, my mind was on other, much more important, matters. Having the focus to devote 30-55 minutes to a new album while working or driving was difficult. I don’t think I’m alone here.  This was not t