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The Bomb Factory

I was asked to pen a few words about the return of Deep Ellum's Bomb Factory for the Observer . I never went to it when it was originally open. I was living in Houston at the time and it had been closed for a few years when I moved to the DFW area. I went to Deep Ellum Live, which was next door, plenty of times and saw many great shows, from Spiritualized to MxPx. Now it looks like the Bomb Factory will bring in a lot of great bands, filling a void that's been in the area for many years. You can read my thoughts on it here .

Art is Hard

A few new stories to share that I have recently written. I followed up with  Dallas-based filmmaker Jeremy Snead, who made an excellent documentary called Video Games: The Movie . From talking about the kinds of reactions to his film to his upcoming series on video games, we had a great talk. Over the weekend, I had to be in Houston for my father's 70th birthday party. People I had not seen since 2002 would be there, and I really wanted to go. Luckily I escaped Dallas before the snow and ice shut down the city. While I was down there, I decided to  review  the Cursive/Beach Slang/Megafauna show at Fitzgerald's for the Houston Press . I had a great time watching Cursive for the sixth time and the openers for the first time. Beach Slang is all kinds of incredible, and I was happy to see them as they are on the rise.