Let's play some jazz

Heavy Metal Drummer

The calls are coming from inside the house

I wanna dip my . . .

The same person

Agony and Irony


Hey angel

Life on the other end of retail

Fifty novels, non-fiction books, and short-story anthologies

Can't fight this feeling anymore

After All These Years


A year in music

What Have I Done?

It was in the laundry room with Mr. Mustard and the candlestick

You mean I gotta drink this coffee hot?

My Life is Right

Feels Creamy

The Dryer Trilogy

The Crash


The Dryer Wars

Hey, remember the 90s?

Mr. Can't Fix It

The New Flesh

Keep a book handy

Axe to Fall

I Drink for a Reason

Not at a store near you

Nothing Gold Can Stay


Hey angel

Fat Skeleton

A dropped-D metal band we called Requiem

Sunny days ahead

Ten minutes to downtown

One Year Later

More unsolicited writing advice

Part of the cat is out of the bag


Two weeks later

Wrapped Up in Books