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Why I'm back on the air

Life has been incredibly busy these days, which has been great. A big reason why is that I have started a second part-time job, and it's something I've done before: traffic reporting. Yes, I'm back on terrestrial airwaves after two years, and I've enjoyed being back. A primary reason why is that I'm with a different company, filling in on radio stations I've never been on before. Plus, my financial situation demanded some kind of secondary source of income. Getting hired with this company was very simple and brief after a couple of e-mails and phone calls. After I did my first report on the air, I was relieved that I had not lost my ability to speak with authority about accidents, disabled vehicles, and construction. It was as if the two year layover never happened. There is a cliche in radio that no matter what else you do professionally, you always come back to radio. I own up to that, but no matter what people think, I will always want to do more than be


Randomly on Monday, I was asked by editor if I wanted to interview a member of Better Than Ezra. The following day, I interviewed Tom Drummond, the bass player. Since I was born in New Orleans, I thought it would be a good fit with this New Orleans-based band. He was great and our conversation went well. Here's the Q&A .

Tribute to Kidd

I never met Kidd Kraddick, but I knew a handful of people that worked with him. No one said bad things about him when he was alive, and nobody said a bad thing about him at his public memorial. I covered the show for the Observer and came away deeply moved. Ben Folds' two-song set tore the living daylights out of me, but in a good way. I was quite happy to cover this.


My review of the Dallas Warped Tour date is live. If I sound a little torn and perplexed about what to say, it was mostly because of the heat. Long day.