We're all refugees and we're all drifting like leaves

Feliz Navidad

Why Did We Ever Meet?

Before I forget

Well, not really. After all, she did get together with George Peppard. I mean, Fred.

Movie favorites (and not-so-favorites) of 2007

Musical favorites of 2007

12 Reasons

A Marshmallow World

Be Good to Yourself

Take your time, take your time, think, think, think

When Acting as a Particle

Book update 12.03.07

"If you could've found out what Rosebud meant, I bet that would've explained everything."

This is not a charade. We need total concentration.

Over and over

I practice daily in my room

. . . and most importantly, how to dominate a jam session

The Aeroplane Flies High

Two Roads Diverge

Milk It

This is beginning to hurt . . .

John Congleton Punk Planet interview (extended)

A place for . . . potential readers

Two Friday links

Open the floor . . .

That's What (Music-Related Write-Ups) Often Do

Knock-Down Drag-Out

Blow out that cherry bomb


So far away, we wait for the day

The New Blood

Gonna Fly Now

BIG book news . . .

Punk Planet Reviewer Spotlights Part 3

Punk Planet Reviewer Spotlights Part 2