Monday, February 07, 2005

Better Than the Super Bowl

Songs in my head:
"Life on Mars?" by David Bowie
"Whatever" by Oasis
"Either Coast" by the Reputation
"She's a Star" by James
"We've Been Had" by the Walkmen
"Better Than the Super Bowl" by Errortype:11

Friday night, we saw Fu Manchu - The Melodrama at Pocket Sandwich Theater. The play was intentionally over-the-top (acting-wise) and really funny. In other words, I really enjoyed it. The interesting thing is, popcorn is passed out to the audience and the audience members are encouraged to throw kernals at the actors. Odd way of showing that your appreciation, but interesting no less.

The two Super Bowl commercials that stuck out for me: the Ameriquest one in the convenience store and the FBNA one with rugby players and Gladys Knight.

I received Lifeblood by the Manics on Friday. My first impression: the production reminds me of New Order's Get Ready. Lots of piano lines with delay and more synthetic drumbeats (along with live drums). This is almost the complete opposite from Know Your Enemy (whose production is harsh and rough). Regardless of the sound of the record, it's another collection of good songs with memorable melodic hooks from the Manics. Thumbs up.

Does this constitute the first Nuggets-styled compilation of music from the '90s?

Pitchfork reviews a record that I didn't know even existed. Being a Pernice Brothers fan, I feel silly that I didn't know about it. Hmmm . . . I must be slowly slipping in this second week of the second month of the year.

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