Thursday, February 17, 2005

I used to let rumors do my work

Songs in my head:
"Want" by Jawbreaker
"Split" by Jawbreaker
"Equalized" by Jawbreaker
"Caroline" by Jawbreaker
"Lovers Need Lawyers" by the Good Life

Just read this headline and insert your own joke.

The Ataris, now a seven-piece with a different sound? I sense impending backlash . . .

I'm keeping to my word about not reading spoilers on Revenge of the Sith, but this is rather amusing.

I'm still sticking to my word about the Donnie Darko: the Director's Cut commentary track after watching forty more minutes. Lots of great topics are brought up and they're very funny and right on.

NME has a lot of info on the Tears. No, the Tears are not another early '80s post-punk-inspired band, but the band consists of Bernard Butler and Bret Anderson of Suede fame.

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