Monday, February 14, 2005

Swung from a chandelier . . .

Songs in my head:
"Silver" by Echo & the Bunnymen
"Nocturnal" by Echo & the Bunnymen
"Crystal Days" by Echo & the Bunnymen
"The Killing Moon" by Echo & the Bunnymen

This weekend was incredible. Even a splat on the pavement was great. Saturday morning, while walking Juliet, she high-tailed it when she saw a squirrel. I let her run as fast as possible, but then she crossed into my path. It was too late for me to stop and I fell forward onto the the sidewalk. I skinned my right knee and left elbow, so the rest of the walk was very slow. I'm still hobbling but I still had a really good weekend with my parents and relatives. Lots of birthday activities were held as this was a dual birthday celebration (my father's birthday is at the end of the month). I probably ate more than I would in a week, but I'm not worried.

Our Anti-Valentine's Day party went very well. Lots of familiar faces were around as we "celebrated" the anti-love theme. I received some positive feedback about the mix CDs, so that was nice. The party ended as the sun was starting to rise on Sunday morning but I had gone to bed long before that. Sunday itself was a warm and sunny day. I did some shopping and finished a roll of film that I had been working on for eight months (man, I'm slow). Despite the sore right leg, I went ahead and played kickball. I helped kick some runs in, so I wasn't a handicap. In short, a very good birthday.

I can't believe I'm really 26. I feel more like 23 but with a few more responsibilities.

I watched this documentary on Friday. The best part, in addition to the songs (especially "White Girl," "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" and "Come Back to Me") was the cross-cutting interviews between the president of MCA Records and the head of Slash Records. Very funny and very timeless.

Thanks to Large Hearted Boy and Torr for pointing out this NY Times article. As maligned as the '80s (or life in general) are seen, it's all in what you focus on. For me, I focus on the things that I like. Quick, where is my copy of Our Band Could Be Your Life, any Billboard or Rhino CD compilation from the decade, and when can VH1 Classic be a part of basic cable?

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