Monday, February 21, 2005

Here Comes Everyone

Song in my heads:
"Summer Away" by Aloha

We're in the middle of warm spell (yes, in February) so, this is perfect weather for kickball. Most of the park was full yesterday so trying to find enough space for a kickball diamond was hard. We made our own diamond and enjoyed a rather strong wind from the west. Had an "aww, how cute" moment during the second game: Rhett batted and rounded the bases with Jason and Andrea's son, Asher, on his shoulders.

Ain't it Cool News has a new, readable look.

I watched Airplane! over the weekend. This movie still holds up as a great spoof. I think the reason why it holds up is because there are more visual jokes and play-on-words (ala Groucho Marx) than late-'70s inside jokes. I think I may listen to the commentary track tonight . . . has a very good review of the forthcoming Mars Volta record, Frances the Mute. I think I may need to pace myself with listening to this record much like how I pace myself listening to any record by this band.

Ever go to a used record store that gives you a "buy ten, get one free" stamp card? Ever get to eight CDs but try really hard to find two more CDs that you want? Well, after roaming around CD World for about an hour Friday, I decided to get Jejune's This Afternoon Malady, the self-titled Boy's Life record and the Teenage Fanclub 'greatest hits'-styled sampler on Jetset. Very good stuff. I had forgotten about how amazing Jejune was . . .

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