Body of Song

I've only listened to Body of Song a few times, but I think I need to say something: it's great.

Yes, the songs have a lot of electronica elements, but they also rock with live guitars and drums. I would say the album's pearl is Mould's voice. I don't think I've heard as much color in his voice in a long time. I don't know if it's because of the vocal effects he put on it, but he sings his head off with a variety of melodies.

This is a different-sounding Mould but not a complete makeover. You definitely hear a lot of nods to his work with Sugar on Body of Song, but this isn't rehasing past glories. Mixing the energy of his power pop rock with keyboards and electronica is a welcome change.

After my few spins, some of the strongest tracks are "Paralyzed," "Underneath Days" and "(Shine Your) Light Love Hope." I look forward to more spins.

-One other Mould-related deal: Pop Matters has a great interview with the man here. I find his thoughts on file-sharing and blogging very cool.


Anonymous said…
I think I left a similar message somewhere. The CD is very good though....I am off to Chi-town to see him perform. You??
Eric Grubbs said…
No plans to go up there for that show. I will be in Chicago for a week in October for other things . . .