Monday, July 04, 2005

Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July

No plans for today other than doing some writing, grocery shopping and kickball. Here's a little numbers rundown of my holiday weekend:

2 - number of hours I watched of the Live 8 "highlight" special on ABC. The highlight for me was Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters in tow) doing "Money." Isn't "Money" a cynical song about personal greed?

2 - number of bands I saw play live last night. The Happy Bullets and The Tah Dahs played together at the Meridian Room. The Meridian Room doesn't usually have bands because they don't really have the space for bands to play. How all six Happy Bullets with their guitars, keyboard and bells were able to fit into the corner by the kitchen was interesting. The sound was great and both bands were really on.

1 - number of DVDs I bought this weekend. After waiting and waiting for it to come available on my Netflix queue, I broke down and bought the Flaming Lips documentary, The Fearless Freaks. A full review is forthcoming.

1 - number of CDs I bought this weekend. Due to the fact that I couldn't get Stars' "Reunion" out of my head, I went out and bought their album, Set Yourself on Fire. A full review is forthcoming.

21 - number of pages my Get Up Kids chapter is in Word. This will probably be my longest chapter, but there is a lot of stuff that I feel is worth bringing up that is related to the Get Up Kids (Napster, Vagrant, Weezer, Dashboard Confessional). And to think, I haven't interviewed Rob and Ryan Pope just yet. By the end of it, this chapter may be 30 pages.

1 - number of copies of Punk Planet #68 at my local Barnes and Noble. As long as Punk Planet is available in the most O.C.-like areas of town, I will continue to have a grin on my face.

2 - number of times I skimmed through Chuck Klosterman's new book, Killing Yourself to Live. It's about him visiting some of the rock's most popular graves. Sounds like a warped concept, but Klosterman definitely brings the goods on this one. I didn't buy it because I know it will be in paperback (and probably with more stuff in that edition) eventually.

4 - number of pages I read of Nothing Feels Good before I had to close it and get back to work on my book. Some of this book I agree with, but I disagree with a lot of it. Whenever I get to a part that makes me mad, I open Word on my computer.

2 - number of movies from the 1970s I watched. Don't Look Now and The French Connection were really good. I had never seen either film before.

2 - number of full days off in a row. Still don't know what I'll do today before my evening's activities.

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