Christopher Lee Appreciation

Scanning the TV dial a few weeks ago, I came across the final Police Academy sequel (Mission to Moscow) and who happened to be in it? Christopher Lee.

Lee has been in a variety of films, but prior to his roles in Sleepy Hollow, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Star Wars prequels, he was best known for cheesy horror flicks and other forgettable stuff (The Stupids, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, to name a few).

Who knows if it weren't for him playing Count Dooku in Star Wars or Saruman in Lord of the Rings people would remember him as one of the many Draculas, The Man with the Golden Gun or maybe Lord Summerisle. I don't know if you can credit his agent or what, but talk about how it's never too late in one's career.

If you want to talk about some massive career peaks and valleys, check out Lee's story. Speaking of a former co-star of Lee's, I wonder if this guy needs a new agent . . .


Anonymous said…
Yes, Steve Guttenberg needs a new agent about as much as this guy.
Eric Grubbs said…
Mr. Judge Reinhold had a nice cameo as himself in the Clerks cartoon a few years ago.
Eric Grubbs said…

Steve Guttenberg ("Police Academy") and Charisma Carpenter ("Angel") have been added to the cast of UPN's cult fave "Veronica Mars."

Guttenberg will play Major League Baseball team owner Woody Goodman, who's running for mayor, while Carpenter will star as Kendall Casablancas, stepmother to two of Veronica's classmates.