Friday, July 22, 2005

I Heart Huckabees

It's been one week since I watched I Heart Huckabees, but it's still fresh in my mind. Dubbed "an existential comedy," I think that tagline fits the bill very well.

Calling the film's tone as "quirky" and "offbeat" is too simple. Funny is funny, even if it's off the beaten path of what's traditionally funny. Like the title of the book my mother uses for her philosophy class, the unbearable heaviness of philosophy is made lighter in this film. The nature of philosophy is not knocked. Rather, it's understandable.

I've tried reading philosophy books, but my mind derails off the tracks when I try to remember names and philosophies connected to those names. This may be the case because my mind was conditioned in college to remember the name over the meaning.

Thankfully, I Heart Huckabees doesn't throw out a bunch of names and their philosophies. General ideas and concepts are thrown out in simple ways. The acting by all of the main characters is energetic, humorous and fresh. Combined with Jon Brion's score and David O. Russell's directing style, I found myself grinning the whole time.

This is definitely not your standard megaplex/popcorn movie, but I Heart Huckabees comes highly recommended from me. I just hope somebody doesn't remake it in 15 years and adds fart jokes to appeal to a supposedly bigger audience.

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