Set Yourself on Fire

"When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire"

So begins Stars' Set Yourself on Fire, but don't think this is some death metal band doomed for mockery on Monsters of MySpace.

I heard about Set Yourself on Fire through a few positive reviews, but once I saw the video for "Reunion" (thanks to Frank over at Chrome Waves for listing it), I felt compelled to buy the record.

Well, if you like what you hear with "Reunion," pick up Set Yourself on Fire. The other tracks are not carbon copies of "Reunion," but if you like the vibe of this song, you'll probably love the rest of the album.
An understandable comparison would be to the Arcade Fire, but Stars does not sound like a watered-down version of them. I only make the comparison because their approach is similar. Their songs are complex in structure, but they grab you immediately. There are plenty of hooks with pianos, clean guitars, horns and strings that only make the songs better. The songs go places: some tracks have extended outros, but they don't spiral out of control.

While the Arcade Fire's Funeral is more of a somber affair, Stars' Set Yourself on Fire is more upbeat. The songs flow well together, even though each one is vastly different from the other.

I don't want to make wild comparisons here, but definitely do check out Set Yourself on Fire if like this kind of stuff.