Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Double blast beat workout

I like having regular routines, especially when it comes to exercising. But in the last few weeks, having any kind of routine has been problematic. The weather has been the main culprit, but there are others.

You see, when I run with Victory, it's not just a simple run of three miles; it's a turbocharged race.

As much as I love my dog, her hunting instincts can make her want to fly. Be it a cat, squirrel, or dog, if she senses one of them, she wants to see what's up. She doesn't want to throw down, but she does want to be seen on the radar. And that makes running/jogging into a thirty-minute test to keep up with her.

I do plenty of stretching beforehand, but I have some tightness in my shins from time to time. Couple that with weak knees the following day while I'm at work. With the weather being rainy and cold one day and sunny and warm a few days later, I've had to schedule a few things around the non-sunny days.

Now that band practice is back in session, I'm curious if playing intensely for two hours straight is considered a workout. I'm playing with my whole body, and I'm sweating up a storm as wood debris falls to our rehearsal room floor.

I'm not trying to get out of exercising here. I just want to have some more variety in my attempts to stave off obesity and laziness.

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