Such Great Heights?

I don't know if this a blessing or a curse, but years of listening to music and trying to play the notes on a guitar have led to something rather interesting. I do not claim to have Perfect Pitch, but it can be easy to pick out an open G chord by hearing it strummed on a guitar. But I can also claim to hear the opening note of a song when I hear a pitch coming from a non-musical instrument.

For example, I recently heard a fart that sounded like the opening note of Iron & Wine's version of "Such Great Heights" and the song got stuck in my head. Yes, it's come to that: a single fart can cue up a song in my brain's jukebox.

Recently, while at band practice, I was playing a few rolls on my snare drum as we prepared to rehearse a song. Somehow, hearing this certain roll made me think of Cheap Trick's "Surrender." I still don't know the "proper" way to tune a snare drum sound, other than trying to avoid the snare sound John Stanier had on the first four Helmet records (not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just been copied way too many times). So I choose to not have my snare head on too tight.

I guess I dialed up the Bun E. Carlos sound by accident, thus contributing to my ever-growing love for Cheap Trick. But I must admit that I still have yet to really get into Iron & Wine's material, beyond the "Such Great Heights" cover. Maybe more farts will lead me to that.


Richard of DM said…
Finally, I have a reason for recording all of my farts. I will be sending you some WAV files very soon to test your new talent. Now my wife can't call me crazy anymore. This is providence, my friend.