Hell is . . . (Cover Band Version)

Last Sunday morning, after going to sleep around 4:30 am, our house was awoken at 9am by the sounds of a band playing next door. No, this wasn't some band playing in a garage. It was a band set up on a stage at the corner of a major intersection, and they were a part of a so-called "rock 'n' roll marathon."

As runners ran a half-marathon through the M streets and the Lakewood area, they were serenaded by the sounds of what a general audience considers "rock 'n' roll." As a resident on one of the streets that was closed off for the event, I'd hardly call this a serenade of rock music.

Maybe this was payback for all the years I drummed in my house in Kingwood at full volume, but I never played that early in the day, even on a Sunday morning. And what didn't help was that this band played blues/funk renditions of songs you've heard enough of over the years.

If hell is repetition, then hearing blues bass lines over and over for three hours straight is pretty close.

Thanks to earplugs, I was able to fall back asleep, but my girlfriend and my housemate could not do it. Even with earplugs in, the throttling bass tones made a lot of things shake, including stomachs.

All I can say is, I'd really like to be warned about this marathon (if or) when this marathon happens again. It's one thing to block off our street, but it's a whole other to have moronically loud cover bands make us want to leave our house for the morning. I'd also add that I'm very thankful that I don't play in a band that plays blues/funk cover songs.


That Guy Kyle said…
Good thing you put "cover" in that last sentence. HEY, let's play it next year!!!