Even though I never publicly stated this, I was very hesitant to get a Twitter account. Matter of fact, I told some friends I didn't want to get one. I just had several reasons to stay off of it. I have a Facebook page, and I don't have any character limits with its status updates. If I have a Twitter page, would I be happy being confined to 140 characters?

Unlike Fall Out Boy, I've never hated Twitter. But I've never been a fan of a status update on Facebook filled with Twitter language. There's something not so appealing about reading "RT @username Hahaha!! FTW" without hyperlinks or context. Besides, is that really language?

Anyway, since I'm not a fan of abbreviations (I rarely abbreviate anything in a text message, by the way), Twitter just didn't seem like the place for me.

The change of heart started when I saw how people like used Richard Kelly, Conan O'Brien, and Damon Lindelof used the page. No flowery puff pieces. No press releases that took hours to fight over verb use. Just random tidbits; some useful, some not. But that lack of a middleman was great. I was interested and started following a few more Twitter pages.

Couple this with my jobs involving some or a lot of Twitter usage and I considered making a page. Better to grab a username with my real name before somebody else takes it, right? Well, a big Van Halen fan named Eric Grubbs grabbed the ericgrubbs username, so I just went with Eric_Grubbs. If can help spread the word of my upcoming work through one more social networking site (along with some random muses), I see no problem with this.

So yes, now I'm on Twitter. And feel free and follow along.