Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thank you, crap

I'm not one to gloat and I'm very hesitant to quote a certain cheesy pop country song, but I thought it would be fun to do share a little dating stuff after I read this article. Since the article looks at seven types of guys girls date, I wanted to describe some of the girls that I dated before I dated the lady I'm currently (very, very happily) with.

The Whiner
Hey, I seem like a confident person on the outside, but inside, I whine a lot. I also sigh a lot. Especially when it comes to talking about how hard my job is. No one will ever understand how hard my job is and how unfair people treat me there. And on top of that, any offers of getting feedback or receiving consolation will be made light of because you don't work at my job. I also think getting excited about an airing of the Blade Runner theatrical cut on cable TV is soooo lame.

The Partygoer
I want you to meet this guy; he's one of my best friends. And this guy too. He's really, really cool. We're best friends too. I might get drunk and make out with one of them, but we're friends. We're like brother and sister. You want to go get a drink?

The I'm Not Interested
I smile a lot when I see you and I really enjoy talking with you, but asking me out on a date is just out of the question. My facial expression will turn from smile to sheer puzzlement when you ask such. I'll say I'm not interested and we shall part, and maybe we'll run into each other via mutual friends. Have a nice life.

I don't begin to pretend that I've been a saint or that engaging of a person over the years, but I really had to be open to things to understand what is out there. I had to get a better understanding of who I am and what I'm about before I could find anybody else. If I get excited about the theatrical cut of Blade Runner airing on SciFi Channel, then I shouldn't feel ashamed if my girlfriend thinks that's stupid. If I can't help tapping along to a song I like, or even air-drumming, I should not feel like a moron for doing that.

All I can say is that I'm very thankful for all the crap I had to deal with over the years before I got to this point. It's made me realize what's treasure and what's garbage.

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