Pulp has been on mind as of late. As the name of Bukowski's final novel before he died, the name of a great Sheffield band, part of the name of a movie from '94 and other things, pulp has a good name except in the world of orange juice.

When I was younger, I didn't like pulp in my OJ. The strands hampered the taste of squeezed oranges, so I preferred pulp-free orange juice. I don't know how long the major companies (Tropicana and Minute Maid) have produced pulp-free/lite-pulp, but it's nice to have choice. At this point in my life, I don't mind the pulp.

I still don't like seeds in watermelons or seeds in lemons because they're hard to chew. With pulp, it's not hard to chew and I don't mind them in my drink. In addition to milk and water, OJ is something I drink as a standalone drink. Having some in the morning is especially a nice little boost, plus it's healthy.

I credit Sir Douglas for recommending OJ to me because of my periodic sore throats in the last few years. I agree that the vitamin C aids in the recovery as it has greatly helped me out. Even when I'm not sick, I really enjoy the taste; more than coffee, tea or soda. Though I went for pulp-free OJ up until a few years ago, now I don't really care. I don't even know where the pulp comes from or how it's removed, but I don't mind.

Something also interesting: though I don't drink alcohol that much, all of the screwdrivers I've had in bars had no pulp. Is pulp really that much of a hassle? Not for me, but like crusts on pizza and sliced bread, not everyone wants them. People find them very annoying and distracting, but they're not like fat on meat. Now when I shop at the grocery store, I prefer the original OJ. When I see only lite-pulp or no-pulp OJ available on the shelf, I get a little miffed. Maybe I just like the more natural taste over the screened-out taste.