This Time Tomorrow

I may have a large collection of CDs, but that doesn't mean I know (or have heard) every single song on them. That's probably why I've recently become embarrassed I didn't realize I already had certain songs in my collection.

Taking in a recent screening of The Darjeeling Limited on DVD, I noticed (and liked) the Kinks songs on its soundtrack: "Powerman" and "This Time Tomorrow." Since "Powerman" by title sounded familiar, I checked my CD shelf. Turns out I had it, along with "This Time Tomorrow," on my copy of Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneyground -- an album that I've listened to exactly once.

Another instance involves a song I've had stuck in my head off and on for months: Desmond Dekker's "Israelites." I forget where I heard it (maybe the Smoke?), but I was convinced it was by the Crusaders (????). Seeing the song listed in an interview with Michael Emerson, I immediately pulled up the iTunes Music Store. Turns out, the song's on the bonus disc for the The Harder They Come reissue -- another album I have. Whoops.

I have my reasons though. During my Kinks fanaticism back in 2001 (thanks to watching Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, then digging into the Nuggets box sets), I wanted to get all the great Kinks records. From what I could tell from reliable sources, you're pretty safe from Kinks up through Percy at the latest. Despite being really excited by the Live at the BBC version of "Victoria," I could not really get into Arthur or Powerman. "Lola" never really did anything for me, despite its praise from others. So Powerman sat unplayed.

I've heard a few tracks from The Harder They Come, but reggae is something I can only really take in small doses. There's only so much I can take with half-time upbeats . . . and half-time upbeats. Trying to listen to two CDs full of reggae is like a major test of patience. How I even have the soundtrack is because an old co-worker of mine received it as a promo and didn't want it, so I accepted it.

Now that I think about it, there's a reason why my iTunes library is greatly dwarfed by the number of CDs I have: almost every song I have on there was pre-screened before ripping. Maybe unbeknownst to me so I wouldn't have this problem. Go figure.