Tomorrow afternoon, I will attempt something I haven't done in a long time: bake something from scratch! And moreover, for people other than me!

Usually there's some sort of occasion for doing something like this, and this is no different. As a way of celebrating one of our new-ish neighbors' birthday (and as a housewarming party of sorts), I will attempt to bake these: chocolate pudding cookies.

The reason why I'm attempting to bake these is another line in the whole, "it's a great idea, do it, and don't second-guess yourself" line of thinking. I've never baked these before, but I remember enough from my time of baking chocolate chip cookies with my mother and sister. If it's a total mess and failure on the first batch, I have enough time to either start again or just pick up a pre-packaged dessert from the grocery store. No harm, no foul, right?

Usually for parties like these, my attitude is to just show up. Well, given the circumstances, I want to do something a little more involved, doing something I want to do, for people that I'm just getting to know. I've lived in enough apartments where the use of getting to know the neighbors was as moot as getting to know fellow guests at hotels you stay at. Here's to new experiences, right?

This all kinda sounds like a "duh" sort of thing, but I think it's important to point out since this is completely out of my regular routine. I don't go to many housewarming parties like these, so it should be fun. Since the opportunity presented itself to me, I have an opportunity myself to do something like this. Nice how this all kinda plays out over time . . .


J said…
Let us know how it goes...both the meeting of the neighbors, and if you like the cookies! I sent some to work with Py, and a couple of his coworkers wanted the recipe. :)