How did you get your job?

Here's a question I never get tired of asking: "How did you get your job?" Everyone has a unique story, so it always interests me. And, I keep the answers in mind as I continue to find my next full-time job.

Every single job I've had came in part from knowing somebody with the company. My father was good friends with the manager at the Best Buy I wanted to work for. The woman who gave me my first internship was a longtime family friend. And the man who helped me land my second internship (which led to my first job in radio) was a fraternity brother of my father.

The last two full-time jobs I held came from a simple question by the same person: "You want the job?"  I had worked my butt off to get to that point, so it wasn't like I lied around and was handed the job on a silver platter. I sacrificed, showed up, and paid attention.

I have yet to meet someone who didn't network a little for his or her new job. Job postings on websites can be truthful, but one must show more than a precisely-worded resume/member profile in terms of landing that job. If I see a job opening at a company that I could excel in, I not only apply, but talk to somebody I know at the company. Besides, it's hard to sell yourself when your whole adult work experience (not your personality) is relegated to black and white letters on two pieces of white paper.

So, finding this elusive white whale is still an ongoing challenge for me. Hence why I like to ask this question repeatedly.