Why I'm back on the air

Life has been incredibly busy these days, which has been great. A big reason why is that I have started a second part-time job, and it's something I've done before: traffic reporting.

Yes, I'm back on terrestrial airwaves after two years, and I've enjoyed being back. A primary reason why is that I'm with a different company, filling in on radio stations I've never been on before. Plus, my financial situation demanded some kind of secondary source of income. Getting hired with this company was very simple and brief after a couple of e-mails and phone calls. After I did my first report on the air, I was relieved that I had not lost my ability to speak with authority about accidents, disabled vehicles, and construction. It was as if the two year layover never happened.

There is a cliche in radio that no matter what else you do professionally, you always come back to radio. I own up to that, but no matter what people think, I will always want to do more than be a radio personality with a deep voice. I enjoy being a writer and a field marketing rep as well, and I am recognized as such. I don't believe I'm someone who will always do one thing well; I think I can do well in a variety of fields.

As I do my part-time jobs, I will continue to find full-time employment. Receiving rejection letters (or no responses at all) are easier to take when I have a stable income. There have been many promising leads since October 2011, but they've all fallen through. That doesn't mean I should give up and pretend that broadcasting is the only field I can be in.

Right now, I'm working with good people who recognize my abilities and strengths in what I bring to the table, whether it's traffic reporting, field marketing, or writing. I'd like to keep working with good people in a full-time job environment. Whether that job is in one of those three, I'll stay patient and see what happens.