Johnny on the Spot

I've listened to many podcasts over the years, and I've secretly hoped to be on one someday. I'm a big fan of the Dig Me Out podcast as Tim and Jason review obscure albums from the '90s that never made it beyond college radio or 120 Minutes. They sound like guys I knew at the college radio station I worked at, something I have fond memories of.

A few months ago, I sent a copy of Post to Tim and he really enjoyed it. He had sent me a copy of his book, Power Ballad, and I enjoyed it as well. He asked me to be on the show and to suggest an album to review. I gave them the options of Do You Know Who You Are?, No Division, and Nothing Feels Good. They went with Do You Know Who You Are? and we talked a two Wednesdays ago.

If I sound like I'm talking a little slow, it's because I'm being very careful with my words. I love Texas is the Reason and I wanted to make sure I had all of my facts straight. I had spent a few hours reading the Texas chapter in Brian Peterson's Burning Fight as well as listening to podcasts and interviews with members of the band. Plus, I was nervous.

So if you have an hour to spare and want to hear me, Tim and Jason talk about this record, click here.