Burn Last Sunday

Songs listened to this afternoon that aren't by Budapest One or on Left of the Dial:
"Burn Last Sunday" by Superchunk
"Watery Hands" by Superchunk
"Every Single Instinct" by Superchunk
"Song for Marion Barry" by Superchunk
"Guiding Light" by Television

I picked up Punk Planet #46 and it gets a thumbs up from me. Maybe I should get around to buying a subscription from them. I have really enjoyed going through older issues and I hope they publish another collection of interviews like they did with We Owe You Nothing.

I still have yet to watch Student Bodies but I thought I should watch this first. I have it on tape somewhere in all these DVDs.

Summer weather is back: the sun is shining and today's high has reached 92. Average high for the week is between 88-92 degrees. Humidity is also back so, in the words of Charlie Brown: Good grief!