Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Sun Hits the Sky

Album listened to this afternoon:
The Promise Ring Very Emergency

I was wearing sunglasses (part of the sky was sunny) and had an umbrella in my hand (the rest of the sky was dark and cloudy) while walking back inside. A cold front is coming in. Next week's high will be 70.

Holding off on buying the Franz Ferdinand record? Wait until November 23rd. Read why here.

Driving home last night, I listened to a record I hadn't listened to in a while: Supergrass' In It For the Money. I think it's still great. I'm curious about their new best of CD and DVD. The DVD looks very appealing. I still need to pick up I Should Coco not just for "Alright" and "Caught by the Fuzz" but also for "She's So Loose." I'm holding off because I think there may be a reissue forthcoming (seeing as how so many 10-year-old records are getting the treatment).

They're now giving gold and platinum awards for purchased downloads. Read all about it here.

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