News of the TPE World October 17th, 2004

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Two Sheds Music is releasing a Jawbox tribute album early next month. Here is the track listing:

Actionslacks - "Iodine"
The Actual - "Static"
Black Cross - "Tools and Chrome"
Colossal - "Spit-Bite"
Fate Heroic - "Consolation Prize"
Heros Severum - "Whitney Walks"
The Life and Times - "Green Glass"
Ourselves (members of Snapcase) - "Breathe"
Pilot to Gunner - "68"
Red Animal War - "Cutoff"
Retisonic - "Cooling Card"
Riddle of Steel - "U-Trau"
Traindodge - "Tracking" has a nice blurb about some upcoming Bright Eyes releases:

Bright Eyes will release two singles simultaneously on October 26th in anticipation of two forthcoming full-lengths. Both full-lengths will be released simultaneously on January 25th, 2005. The full-lengths, as well as the singles, will be vastly different in style. While one full-length and single (I'm Wide Awake It's Morning and "Lua," respectively) will be reminiscent of the band's more traditional folk stylings, the other full-length and single (Digital Ash In A Digital Urn and "Take It Easy," respectively) will be more poppy and electronic-based. Saddle Creek is now taking pre-orders for both singles. also has a pretty cool interview with Rick Burch of Jimmy Eat World.

About a year (or so) after the DVD was pulled from shelves, Ed Wood is finally coming out on DVD on Tuesday, October 19th.

Finally, this is always fun to look at from time to time.