Tuesday, October 19, 2004

News of the TPE World October 19th, 2004

Album listened to this morning:
A homemade mix CD of songs from Nuggets II (including "Cathy Come Home" and "Going Nowhere")

Today's weather is supposed to reach record highs for October: 93 degrees. Geez, wasn't I talking about light jacket weather last week? Apparently there is going to be a slight cool front coming in this weekend bringing the temps down to the low 80s. Why do I talk so much about the weather? Because I dig fall weather (read, not hot but not freezing cold) a lot and it's a tad frustrating.

Regardless of the weather, there are some really good records being released today:
Jimmy Eat World Futures
Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill
Ted Leo/Pharmacists Shake the Sheets

Kevin Smith wants your short film. Follow this link.

Meet your new Superman: Brandon Routh. I doubt anything from Kevin Smith's script (under the suggestion of producer Jon Peters) with the fighting polar bears and giant spider will be in the new Superman Returns.

Mission Label now has a website for Dogme 95. I don't know how long this has been up but I think it's cool.

I got to read most of the interviews with Fred Armisen, J. Robbins and Adam Lazzara in Punk Planet #46 last night. Very good and informative. I had never heard of the video/short film, Fred Armisen's Guide to South By Southwest. Sounds hilarious and I'm sure it's available online somewhere.

Buddyhead reported this earlier, but the official word is out: guitarist Dante Decaro is out of Hot Hot Heat. Click this link for the official statement.

I heard this band on Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and judging by their sound, I thought they were some Darkness-like, tongue-in-cheek metal. I guess they're actually serious.

Finally, Sparta will be on David Letterman tomorrow (Wednesday) night. I hope I can work my VCR to tape it.

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