News of the TPE World for October 13th, 2004

Album listened to this morning:
The Dismemberment Plan Change

Even though the first day of autumn was a couple of weeks ago, yesterday was the first day it was actually chilly. I believe the overnight low was in the upper 50s. Knowing the weather here, I'd except it to heat up to 90 in just a day but it only got to 78 yesterday. This morning was 62 degrees with some wind chill. I dig the light jacket weather.

NME is reporting that a new iPod is on the way. Now with a color screen and 50 percent more storage than before. While my experience with an iPod has been limited, I think it's a whole lot more inviting to use after worrying about my portable CD player skipping on family car trips.

Rhino Records released Left of the Dial yesterday. I'll definitely be picking this up soon. It's like Our Band Could Be Your Life was made into a box set. I'm sure a box set with 1990s alternative rock is being prepared. Then I'll feel really old.

On a related note, I found this on the Paul Westerberg page from Harp Magazine

"Next fall, Rykodisc-which now owns the Twin Tone catalog- will finally reissue the Replacements' first four album albums in expanded form, remastered with bonus tracks and loads of unreleased songs. Rhino Records plans to do the same for the group's Warner Bros titles. A proposed 'Mats box would combine material from both periods, but will likely wait until 2006. Meanwhile, Shout! Factory records is currently compiling a solo Westerberg "best of" for a spring '05 release."

I guess I'll be holding off on buying a used copy of 14 Songs so I could get a digitally remastered version of "World Class Fad."

Halloween is on a Sunday this year. So I'm curious if kids will be trick-or-treating Saturday or Sunday. Either way, I'll watch Student Bodies before the end of this month. Also, I think I'll watch Halloween in widescreen for the first time this year.

Enjoy this apartment hunting guide from the Onion