News of the TPE World for October 12th, 2004

Record listened to this morning:
Sparta Porcelain

In the world of Sparta, they have posted a non-LP track called "Farewell Ruins" for download on Apple's iTunes store. It's a great song and I believe the lyrics are about "a song about someone I never knew but who affected me," Jim Ward told Billboard. Previously, the song was only available on the UK version of Porcelain, so $.99 cents is a lot more cost effective than $17 for import. This is what I love about iTunes.

Sparta labelmates Jimmy Eat World will be releasing their new album, Futures, on October 19th. Amazon is listing it as coming with a bonus disk. I'm curious if it's going to have non-LP tracks. I have heard the record and I think it's really powerful. You could say it's like Bleed American, but it's heavier in spots and in other spots it's even more melodic and catchy than anything they've done before.

As far as BBC's The Office, it turns out us Americans will be getting to have the Christmas special on DVD come this November. It's the two-part episode covering what has happened to the folks a few years after the events of the second season. Wonderful show. On top of that, Amazon is listing a box set of both seasons of the show along with the Christmas special, so that's even more spectacular news for the WH fan in me.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition 4-disc set is to be released on December 14th. Apparently there's 50 extra minutes of footage back into the film. While it may take me a month to watch all the supplemental material, it will be worth it.

Writing continues on my book. There is a lot of thinking, researching, reading and writing that goes into a project like this but I feel this will be worth it in the long run. Watch this space for future details.


Steve said…
book? elaboration is in order...
Eric Grubbs said…
I'm writing a book. That's all I can tell you right now.

It's about music. That's it.

It's about ten bands that I really like. OK now that's it.