News of the TPE World October 23rd, 2004

Song in my head:
"We Might As Well Be Strangers" by Keane

The throat is on the mend and the fever has left, but I'm still taking today off from work. I don't think talking for seven hours straight will help it fully heal. So, the silent treatment continues for another day.

Adding to what I said yesterday, "I'd rather be working than being sick and at home." I really enjoy working at where I work. While I like to be at home too, I can't be at either all the time. I just felt yesterday's post was a little too vague and sounded a tad on a "I hate work" side.

While I've been laying low around the house, I did venture out last night and picked up the new Law of Inertia issue with interviews with Ian MacKaye, the Dillinger Escape Plan and Sparta. Good stuff and more info for research.

Grant Hart and Bob Mould played together recently. Read all about it here.

Today is Ryan Reynolds' birthday. While he may be best known for Two Guys and a Girl, Van Wilder, and the upcoming Blade: Trinity and the Amityville Horror remake, he got his first major start on a Nickelodeon teen soap opera called Fifteen. I remember watching this when it was on the air and thought he was cool because he was the drummer for Teenagers in Love.

Since the weather here has been rainy and overcast, I think I'll be spending most of today writing and doing some research between naps and playing THUG2.